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As an expert in the charging pile industry, we have very rich experience in the production of charging stations. This is where we turn our experiences into knowledge and share it with all who need it.

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2024 EV Charger Solution Incentives Update: Top 5 Countries in Europe

Electric vehicles have become very popular around the globe. It’s not surprising considering their sustainability aspect and other benefits. To slow down the rising trend of climate change, some key solutions, such as transportation transformation, are urgent. However, their widespread adoption requires adequate infrastructure for charging. For this purpose, many

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What is the Best EV Charging Station for Different Needs and Vehicles

Developing robust EV charging infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. This is because the soaring gasoline prices are prompting more drivers to turn to electric transportation. Due to EV’s different charging options, knowing the distinctions between charger types, like how quickly they replenish batteries, is key to choosing the best EV

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AC EV Charger Vs. DC EV Charger: How to Choose?

As electric vehicles continue gaining traction due to environmental and economic benefits, more charging infrastructure is critical to support this shift. When buying an EV charger, it’s imperative to comprehend charger types because they directly impact speed and expenses. This article explores the main distinctions between AC EV charger and DC

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A Strategic Investment for Industry and Commerce: DC EV Chargers

The past decade has seen a rise in the popularity and development of electric vehicles (EVs) globally as concerns over environmental sustainability and energy security increase. Countries and states worldwide have introduced supportive policies and incentives to promote EVs and the necessary charging infrastructure.  To meet peak demand for power

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How Does AC EV Charger Realize Home Energy Freedom

An AC EV charger refers to electric vehicle supply equipment that provides alternating current power for electric vehicles through a standard wall outlet or circuit. These chargers allow electric vehicle owners to charge their cars with a regular power outlet conveniently at home, making them a sustainable choice.  However, the ever-changing

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