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Make your electric vehicle journey smoother and more efficient

Ultra-fast Charging Speed

Charge electric vehicles at a high-speed rate, swiftly delivering substantial electric energy, allowing drivers to acquire ample power in a short span, extending their driving range, and significantly enhancing the convenience of electric vehicles.

Charging Solutions with DC Chargers


DC Fast Charging Solutions

EVB provides stand-column and wall-mounted DC chargers with a power ranging from 20 to 262 kW, equipped with one to three guns to meet various applications. They are equipped with intelligent charging technology, validated for stability and reliability to meet large-scale charging demands. With intelligent recognition capabilities, they can automatically identify various vehicle models and their specific charging power requirements. Moreover, they have obtained CE certification, complying with European market quality and safety standards, winning recognition within the industry.

Solution Benefits

EVB provides users with a variety of chargers to meet different demands, offering an outstanding charging experience 

Efficient energy utilization

DC chargers convert AC power into DC power, enabling more efficient energy utilization during the charging process and reducing energy losses. They can also be integrated with photovoltaic systems to utilize clean energy sources.

Wide applicability

They are compatible with various EV models and brands, offering broader compatibility. Users can use EVB chargers to charge their EVs easily and smoothly.

Smart Operation

A mobile app can be connected to our DC EV charger to look up historical charging and set the unit’s various functions.

Easy Maintenance

With the capability to rapidly charge EVs at high power levels, DC chargers typically enable quick battery replenishment within a short time, such as during a meal or shopping. This feature also improves efficiency by allowing them to serve multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Remote Monitoring and Management

The compatibility with the OCPP 1.6J protocol allows for data transmission. Remote monitoring and management can be realized with an intelligent mobile app. Check the real-time status and historical statistics anywhere and anytime. Users can also enjoy superior functions like charging reservation, max current setting and remote firmware upgrading, allowing users enjoy the latest and best features while maintaining device stability.


Easy Installation and Maintenance

DC EV chargers are often large and exhibit intricate internal designs, posing challenges when dealing with abnormalities. In order to improve the overall user experience, EVB has undertaken a redesign of its DC EV chargers, incorporating a modular structure that significantly simplifies both the installation process and maintenance procedures. 

Product Design with User-Oriented

Exceptional charging reliability is achieved by multiple protection mechanisms like leakage protection, and outstanding heat dissipation performance. To enhance the user experience, EVB DC chargers are easy to install and maintain and they support online and offline payment methods. By incorporating eco-friendly materials and energy-saving technologies, they boast low power consumption, minimal noise, and zero emissions, aligning with green environmental principles.

Charging Solutions with DC Chargers

DC EV Charging Solution Provider for Global Automakers

Full Compatibility

From Ford to Chevrolet, our DC EV charger works with nearly any electric vehicle model. This allows business owners and residents to power any vehicle on their relationship properties.

Global Standards

All of our DC EV chargers are thoroughly tested and checked by dedicated inspectors. This ensures all units comply with industrial standards on performance.

Built with Innovation

EVB is one of the leading DC EV chargers because of our extensive research on the technology. We can address your requirements and challenges with our EV solutions.

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