EV Charger Solution


Connection Mode

With an ESP32 Bluetooth module, we connect the APP and EV chargers for smoother control and quicker updating of the entire EV charger program.

evB Z-Box App 06


Simple one touch to turn on or off the charging;
Charging statistics on your palm: accessible details like the charging power, current, time, cost, etc.
Smart charging management with daily, monthly, and yearly charging records;
Optimal performance by firmware upgrading through App.


Multilingual system: English, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.
Support dual-socket OCPP chargers;
Cost-saving by configuring to stagger charging during peak hours;
Two charging options: charge with RFID card or mobile App.



More stable operation of the power grid: if multiple EV chargers work simultaneously, random delay charging is activated to reduce the power grid pressure;
Shared family charger: support multiple people to operate at the same time;
Scientific management with different user rights.


Manage your power consumption with different DLB modes:
Extreme mode: automatic adjustment of charging current based on the home electricity consumption;
Normal mode: EV Charger allows grid power (1A~99A);
DLB box: set the current via DLB box only.
(Other modes like night automatic mode, pure PV mode, hybrid mode, full speed mode available for some models)


Remote Control Charging

Take more control over your charging with our system to bring all your attention to your business. Our EV chargers can be controlled through a Z-Box application to ensure remote control charging, giving more flexibility to charging networks and other applications and saving energy costs.

Start and Stop Charging

Saving time, power, and costs, Z-box grants users more control over when charging takes place by choosing when to start or stop charging.

Time Setting Charging

Users can set an appointed time and degree for charging for optimal control and peace of mind as you focus on your important business operations.

Charging by kWh

Users can set the maximum kWh setting for a single charge, and it will stop charging after the charge reaches the maximum kWh.

Weekly appointment charging

Our EV chargers can be set to a specific starting and finishing time for the whole week, helping save on costs while ensuring control over the time for users to use your charging stations.


User edition EV-BOX Manual


Agent edition EV-Box Manual


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