EV Charger Solution

EVB Energy Storage for EV Charging

Revolutionizing EV charger with battery storage for efficient and sustainable energy solutions.

Commercial Energy Storage System for EV Charging

Incorporating EV charging stations with battery storage infrastructure helps tackle challenges like intermittent power supply and grid instability by storing excess energy during periods of low demand or high renewable energy generation.

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EV Charger with Battery Storage Solution

EVB offers smart solutions by seamlessly combining 211kWh liquid-cooling and 215kWh air-cooling energy storage systems with DC EV chargers. These storage systems can be charged during off-peak or PV generation peaks, releasing electricity during peak periods or low-light times. This provides benefits such as flexible charging, cost-effectiveness, and resilience against grid outages.

Solution Benefits

Provide you with a series of advantages and continuously improved performance through EVB’s excellent solutions.

Fast Charging

AC chargers stand out due to the high level of maturity and relatively straightforward design, resulting in lower costs for procurement, installation, and maintenance.

Swift ROI

Empower charging stations to accommodate more EVs simultaneously, eliminating grid upgrade costs and reducing operational expenses.

Peak Shaving

Opt for battery storage over the grid during peak hours, replenishing during off-peak times for peak load management and cost efficiency.

Enhanced Reliability

Utilize energy storage systems as backup power sources to maintain system stability during grid and PV power generation instability.

Remote Monitoring and Management

Compatibility with the OCPP 1.6J protocol facilitates seamless data transmission, enabling remote monitoring and management through a smart mobile application. This empowers users to access real-time status updates and historical usage statistics from anywhere and at any time. Additionally, users can benefit from advanced functionalities such as charging reservations, max current configuration, and remote firmware upgrades, ensuring access to the latest and most robust features while maintaining device stability.


Wide Applications

Integrating battery storage for EV charging has diverse applications in industrial parks, commercial complexes, public charging stations, hospitals, and more. It is frequently incorporated into public charging infrastructure, providing users with accessible and convenient charging solutions.

Tailored Business Solutions

EVB recognizes the uniqueness of your business demands, inspiring us to deliver tailored solutions. Through a thorough understanding and analysis of your specific needs and on-site conditions, we develop solutions that not only meet current market requirements but also anticipate future expansion.


Global Energy Storage for EV Charging Provider

Full Compatibility

Our DC EV charger and energy storage are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, ensuring versatility and convenience for electric vehicle owners.

International Standards

Dedicated inspectors rigorously examine all our DC EV chargers and energy storage units to guarantee adherence to industry standards for performance.


EVB's energy storage systems can utilize electricity from clean energy sources such as PV to charge electric vehicles, contributing to sustainable development.

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