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We invite you to check our newest products in our exhibitions that have cemented our brand reputation in Australia, Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines and beyond, widening our market reach.

2023 Upcoming Exhibitions

All Energy Australia 2023

Date: 26th-27th Oct 2023

Booth number: L113

At the All-Energy Australia exhibition, Beny demonstrated its prominence in the photovoltaic industry with innovative solutions for integrated PV, energy storage, and EV charging. These offerings cater to a global demand for sustainable energy and address the need for reliable power solutions. Beny’s commitment to advancing innovation and sustainability in the clean energy sector was evident, and the company looks forward to collaborating with partners in Australia to bring solar technology that promotes prosperity and sustainability.

Exposolar Colombia 2023

Date: 4th-6th Oct 2023

Booth number: 116

Beny New Energy has made a striking debut at EXPO SOLAR Colombia with its integrated PV, Energy Storage, and EV Charging solutions. These cutting-edge offerings align perfectly with Colombia’s renewable energy ambitions and have garnered significant attention in the vibrant Colombian photovoltaic market. Beny’s innovative technologies and commitment to sustainability are paving the way for a prosperous and eco-friendly energy landscape in Colombia, offering a holistic approach to energy generation, storage, and consumption. Collaborations with local partners are set to drive the country’s renewable energy future forward.


The RE+US 2023

Date: 14th-16th September 2023

Booth number: 4660

Beny New Energy shines at the RE+ 2023 Solar Energy Exhibition in Las Vegas, showcasing innovative PV solutions. Their integrated “PV+energy storage+EV charging” system offers versatile microinverters, ensuring efficient clean energy use and safety. Certified by UL and SunSpec, Beny New Energy drives innovation, promising a greener future.


Intersolar Mexico 2023

Date: 7th-9th September 2023

Booth number: 216

Beny New Energy presented its “PV+Energy Storage+Charging” solutions, in line with Mexico’s renewable energy drive. BENY’s microinverters, adaptable to diverse environments, integrate seamlessly into photovoltaic systems. With energy storage capabilities, BENY mitigates solar energy intermittency, bolstering reliability. The inclusion of residential chargers optimizes clean energy use for electric vehicles. Moreover, BENY promotes charging infrastructure development in residential and commercial settings, contributing to Mexico’s sustainable energy future.


Intersolar Brazil 2023

Date: 29th-31th August 2023

Booth number: G4.120

Beny New Energy is stationed at booth G4.120, captivating inquisitive participants to delve into our cutting-edge offerings. The debut of our BYM2800 Microinverter through the New Product Launch and an unforeseen cocktail affair have notably kindled enthusiasm among the attendees.


Intersolar Germany 2023

Date: 14th-16th June 2023

Booth number: B4.250

Beny New Energy establishes a prominent presence in Germany’s groundbreaking energy reform at Intersolar Europe. With their influential exhibition booth, B4.250, Beny showcases cutting-edge technology and pioneering features that are set to revolutionize the German solar market. Their innovative solutions make a significant contribution to advancing sustainable energy objectives.


SNEC Shanghai 2023

Date: 24th-26th May 2023

Booth number: J42

Spotlight on SNEC Shanghai, May 24-26. Dialogues with Professionals, Connect with the World. It was a great honor to participate in this grand international expo. Thanks to all and hope you had a wonderful time as we did.BENY adheres to the concept of “safety, reliability, efficiency, and innovation”, and integrates innovative RSD techs and PV DC components into a comprehensive solution. We’re devoted to making substantial contributions to sustainable development and the cause of global renewable energy.


Green Power Poland 2023

Date: 16th-18h May 2023

Booth number: Pavilion 8A, Nr 5

Beny New Energy had an unforgettable time, as we deeply felt the trust and affirmation of the #BENY brand from all the visitors. Their unwavering support undoubtedly contributed to our successful penetration of the local clean energy business. We express our heartfelt gratitude for the collaborative efforts that have helped drive Poland’s energy transition, and for being witnesses to this exciting outcome.


The Future Energy Show Philippines 2023

Date: 15th-16th May 2023

Booth number: R09

The experience was truly unforgettable. The trust and validation we received from every visitor towards the #BENY brand made a profound impact, significantly enhancing our penetration into the local #cleanenergy industry. We express our immense gratitude to all those who collaborated with us in facilitating Poland’s energy transition and being witnesses to this exhilarating outcome. Your support and partnership have been instrumental in our success, and we look forward to continuing our collective efforts in shaping a sustainable future.


Fully Charged UK South Live 2023

Date: 28th-30th April 2023

Booth number: J42

We’re thrilled to be showcasing our latest innovation, the Smart Home Charger, at Fully Charged Live 2023. Our cutting-edge EV charger is designed to provide an intuitive and user-friendly charging experience from the comfort of your own home. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Smart Home Charger is the perfect solution for EV owners who want to optimize their charging routine and reduce their carbon footprint. Visit our booth to see it in action and learn more about how our technology can benefit you and the environment.

Solar Solutions International Netherlands 2023

Date: 14th-16th October 2023

Booth number: J16

Beny Company’s booth at the Solar Solutions International Shows was popular among visitors, who were impressed by the high quality, reliability, and performance of the solutions on display, resulting in productive meetings with potential customers, distributors, and suppliers to explore business opportunities.

All-Energy Australia 2022

Date: 26th-27th October 2022

Booth number: L113

BENY EV chargers and micro-inverters attracted much attention, and the upgraded 1500V combiner box also received many inquiries.

The Future Energy Show Philippines 2022

Date: 7th-8th September 2022

Booth number: 1M10

BENY is well-known and loved by partners in the Philippines, who gave great feedback about RSD, Combiner Box and EV Charger. Also, BENY DC SPD, MCB and Isolators were greatly surprised by them.

Intersolar South America 2022

Date: 23rd-25th August 2022 in Brazil

Booth number: A1.61

Microinverter, Combiner Box, EV Charger. BENY top-selling products are waiting for you.

The Future Energy Show Vietnam 2022

Date: 13th-14th July 2022

Booth number: 3D10

BENY AFCI combiner box and rapid shutdown solution won unanimous praise from exhibitors. 

EXPO Solar 2022 / PV Korea

Date: 29th June-1st July 2022

Booth number: D-92

Our partners in Korea will bring newly launched solutions for PV&EV including Microinverter, Firefighter switches, Module-level rapid shutdown, and Top-rate EV chargers.

Genera 2022

Date: 14th-16th June 2022

Booth number: 10C03

BENY’s customized photovoltaic protection solutions for the European market, as well as residential and commercial EV charging solutions, has won frequent visits from customers in Spain and Europe.

Solar Energy Expo Poland 2022

Date: 25th-26th May 2022

Booth number: C1.17

BENY shows the professional PV+ and EV+ solutions. All the customers affirmed BENY’s focus and R&D strength in the safety control of DC photovoltaic systems.

Intersolar Europe 2022

Date: 11th-13th May 2022 in Germany

Booth number: B4-460

BENY is committed to providing you with all-around PV and EV charger solutions. The BFS series Module level Rapid Shutdown, which is widely used in Europe, became the most eye-catching module-level RSD safety product on site.

SNEC Shanghai 2021

Date: 3rd-5th June 2021

The latest RSD, EV charger and AFCI combiner box independently developed by BENY Electric appeared in this exhibition.

Our PV system protection products have won the favor of many exhibitors with first-class quality.

SNEC Shanghai 2020

Date: 8th-10th August 2020

The SNEC Shanghai is the biggest solar PV exhibition in the world.

BENY Electric has been attending the greatest solar show for 9 years in a row.

EVSE Shanghai 2020

Date: 26th-28th August 2020

BENY New Energy BCP Series AC EV Chargers successfully appeared in the 14th EVSE Shanghai.

With advanced technology and novel appearance design that meet the dual standards of European and national standards, BENY Electric EV chargers have become a standout at the exhibition.

CPTE Shenzhen 2020

Date: 2nd-4th November 2020

BENY New Energy BCP Series AC EV Chargers successfully appeared in the 4th CPTE Shenzhen.

BENY New Energy will continue to dig into customized smart charging solutions for new energy vehicles according to different needs, and strive to provide customers with better products, technologies and services more professionally.BENY New Energy


SNEC Shanghai 2019

Date: 4th-6th April 2019

The SNEC Shanghai is the biggest solar PV exhibition in the world.

BENY New Energy has been attending the greatest solar show for 8 years in a row.

Inter Solar Munich 2019

Date: 15th-17th May 2019

Inter solar Munich is the most important solar exhibition in the world, BENY Electric showed 1000V 1500V DC voltage protecting components and solutions at the show 2019.

Especially the DC circuit breaker for energy storage system and fire safety switch is the most popular in Europe market.

inter solar Munich 2019 2

EXPO Solar Korea 2019

Date: 19th-21th June 2019

BENY Electric attended EXPO solar exhibition in Korea 2019, with 1000V 1500V DC switch and combiner solutions.

Glad to meet our long-term business partners in Korea.

expo solar korea 2019 2
expo solar Korea 2019 3

Inter Solar Brazil 2019

Date: 27th-29th August 2019

BENY Electric attended Inter solar exhibition in Sao Paulo Brazil 2019.

Brazil is one of the most important markets, we have most of the market share in Brazil for solar PV protection solutions.

inter solar brazil 2019 1
inter solar brazil 2019 2

SPI USA 2019

Date: 23rd-26th September 2019

BENY Electric showed the module-level rapid shutdown solution, new DC disconnect switch up to 1500V and UL listed AC switch from 230V-1000VAC in SPI 2019.

REI India 2019

Date: 18th-20th September 2019

BENY Electric showed the high-quality solar DC protecting solutions in the REI exhibition India 2019.

The customized solar combiner box for solar PV systems is popular in the show.

rei india 2

All Energy Australia 2019

Date: 23rd-24th October 2019

BENY Electric showed the module-level rapid shutdown solution and new DC isolator at the All energy exhibition in Melbourne Australia 2019.

We have been attended the All Energy show for 8 years in a row. We always supply the newest DC components and protection solutions for Australian market.

all energy Australia 2019 1
all energy Australia 2019 2

KEY Energy Italy 2019

Date: 5th-8th November 2019

BENY Electric showed the solar fire safety switch at KEY energy exhibition Italy 2019, and a full range of solar DC components and solutions.

We are building business relationships with many solar distributors and equipment manufacturers in Italy via this exhibition.

key energy italy 1

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