Self-proclaimed “stagna-phobe” Daniel Stein is terrified of standing still, which explains his position at the helm of EVB, a company behind innovative, integrated brand campaigns seen by billions of consumers. When Daniel co-founded the agency 17 years ago, he chose the name Evolution Bureau because it “gives us permission to change” and acknowledges that the ways that people connect, relate and find meaning in the world always are shifting. EVB always strives to be what Daniel calls “next year’s agency” — the go-to source for ideas that transcend traditional media models and connect with consumers in effective new ways.

Prior to founding EVB, Daniel worked in all four industries that constitute the pillars of the agency: public relations, advertising, entertainment and technology. At Time Warner Interactive, he helped create CD-ROMs at a time when that technology was groundbreaking. At Saatchi & Saatchi, he managed work for industry giant Hewlett-Packard. As an executive producer at Anderson & Lembke, his work for Microsoft laid the groundwork for the then-fledgling concept of online advertising. Daniel’s reputation as a innovator led to his meeting and working with Francis Ford Coppola as a virtual studio producer at American Zoetrope.

Daniel believes the toughest and most inspiring challenge in advertising is to identify where the creative bar is – and when and how to raise it higher. In that spirit, he is most proud of two things: the incredible work his team creates, and the solid culture of EVB, which inspires employees to work collaboratively and without ego as they seek to make their mark on pop culture. When he’s not pushing the boundaries of advertising, Daniel is an enthusiastic serial hobbyist and family guy.