James Gassel started at EVB in 2011 and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2014. He oversees the agency’s daily operations and financial health, ensures the team exceeds client expectations and helps place the company on a strong path for growth while its core culture remains sound. A key aspect of that growth, he believes, will come through the creation of a new, supporting business model that includes development of proprietary tools and applications.

Gassel was vice president of marketing for exotic car company Club Sportiva, president and partner of Collaborate Communications and, for the year prior to joining EVB, the head of his own consulting practice, during which he worked with EVB on brands that included Westfield, Clorox, and Glad.

Gassel is adept at building brands that scale quickly and drive traffic. As senior vice president and group account director for Hal Riney & Partners, his 10-year tenure included assisting with the launch and consolidation of business for wireless carrier Sprint during a period of meteoric growth. Before that, he also helped launch powerhouse brands MSN, Microsoft and luxury automaker Infiniti.

Outside work, Gassel is “crazy into his family.” He lives with his wife, Beth, and their children, Grace, Sarah and Stuart, in Marin County, Calif.