As EVB’s director of strategy, Neeti Newaskar is a passionate problem-solver adept at tackling projects of all shapes and sizes through not just theoretical formulas, but via a combination of experience, data, culture and gut. She’ll believes that she’s in one of the best jobs in the world for people who are curious and introspective, with a dose of healthy rebellion. A 13-year-veteran of the advertising industry,

Neeti is equal parts brand planner, digital/social planner, business consultant, trend watcher and culture connoisseur. She’s found client success through open discussion and relationships built on trust that allow the agency to uncover the real brand opportunities.

A self-described global citizen who spent her childhood in eight different cities in four different countries, Neetie loves all manifestations of the creative spirit. From India to Kuwait to Singapore to the US, she’s observed that we’re all motivated by the same core desires and aspirations, and that sometimes the best insights are the simplest, most human ones. Whether it’s surrounding herself with interesting people, traveling to a new land, reading a great book or watching an amazing film, she’s happiest when she’s exposing herself to a fresh perspective.