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Why Choose EVB to help your dealership business?

Draw in more customers with our EV chargers that bring you ahead of your peers while showing your commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable business. Our charging solutions enhance the customer experience by offering your audience a demonstration of the sustainability and viability of electric vehicles, boosting your sales in the long term.

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Building a Solid Customer Base with Sustainable EV Charging for Auto Companies

With wider availability of private and public funding, electric vehicles (EVs) are now a leading trend supported by governments as sustainable alternatives, creating a strong opening for auto companies. As such, evB develops faster charging solutions to help establish your brand as a leading EV dealer in your region.

For a smoother transition into clean, green vehicles, we build you a complete EV charging environment that educates first time EV buyers. By showing them the sustainability of a full EV lifestyle, you can overcome any barriers of entry and boost your profit margins, resulting in a long-term draw for any customer.

More Incentives to Purchase From Our Faster EV Charging Solutions

evB combines AC/DC fast charging stations, proven energy storage,and intelligent energy management to provide auto dealerships withflexible EV charging solutions that deliver more power, lower energy costs, and increase resilience, while avoiding costly electric grid upgrades. evB’s innovative solution delivers more power output and enables faster charging on sites with limited electric grid supply.

Whether you need a fast charging solution for newly delivered, lowstate-of-charge EVs, charging facilities for customers and employees, or an EV charging demo station within the showroom itself, whatever the requirement evB offers EV charging solutions designed specifically to meet your needs.

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Attract Wider Attention With Your Showroom EV Charging

Show off your knowledge by letting us install EV chargers in your showroom. Your showroom can go beyond displaying the latest electric vehicle models. With EV media on display, you can teach your customers a thing or two about how electric vehicles can work for their particular situations.

Along with giving an interactive look at EV charging, providing EV charging stations in the showroom enables customers to raise more questions and learn to get a handle of the charging process, thus encouraging purchases. Help your customers adjust more comfortably to the new vehicle trend to better their lives and the environment.

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