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EV Charge Point Operators

Why Should EV Charge Point Operators Join Us

Ready to launch your own EV charging network? Need smart management features to quickly expand your networks while keeping costs low? Want to improve service quality on a lower budget?


evB EV is here to help. We provide the network operating system and accompanying EV chargers needed to establish and run your own networks. Our robust network management capabilities let you focus on growing your customer base without worrying about the supporting infrastructure.


Effective Round-the-Clock Supervision with our EV Charging Solutions

We make you a more reliable EV charging network operator with our advanced hardware and software platform that oversees your network for you.

You will have more effective management and customer service to make you a trustworthy partner for any business. So focus on your business as our smart systems effectively shoulder more labor from you.

Quick Deployment for New EV Charging Network Operators


While most of the industry provides either equipment or software, evB stands out by providing OCPP solutions to management platforms and hardware. As your one-stop shop for EV chargers, evB provides a cloud service with matching equipment to ensure smooth charging operations and quick installation of any new EV charging network operator.

Hands-Off Management with Ease

Smart Operating System

For running self-recovery and timely diagnostics, evB EV chargers come with an  OCPP function that is built for automation yet simple to operate, With our operating system in place, we grant you more control over your network without adding to labor while reducing costs for upgrades.

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Updated Software System and Hardware Matching

We keep your EV chargers updated with our hardware and software used together to provide remote applications. With the car OTA, you can readily upgrade your firmware and other functions to match with the rest of your network and ensure optimal performance.

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