EV Charger Solution

Resellers and Distributors

Why Be Our Reseller or Distributor

Join us in our wide network of resellers and distributors, authorized and trained to provide our exclusive EV charging solutions worldwide. Through our support, you will receive timely consultation to update your product knowledge, marketing, and application of our software and hardware.

Tailor-fit Technical Support

Modify your business model’s profitability with our professional technical and marketing training to help you reach out to hotels, city developers, and a wider audience pool. We have efficient training programs for both start-ups and experienced resellers and distributors, enabling you to penetrate and grow faster in a more competitive EV market.


Special Demonstration The Easiest way to sell is to showcase EV charging at your location

We want you ready for when you face your customers and to teach them how to maximize our products’ applicability. A special demo unit offers a live showcase of EV charging at your location to train your staff in the operation of our products.


More Training Resources at AT evB University

Here at evB University, our training will drill you on the basics of our chargers and how they are activated and operated. We constantly update our training materials and help you master industry best practices to sufficiently serve your market as certified evB EV charger resellers or distributors.

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Become an Exclusive Agent in your Region

Become an exclusive agency authorized to deliver our unique EV chargers. To ensure more customers rely on you, we integrate you into our marketing campaigns targeting local businesses to promote.

Through our connections, we provide you with installation referrals in the region where you are certified.

Competent Product Expertise, Competitive Product Offers

Along with our product expertise, we provide you access to the latest product offerings with trending designs and responsive EV charging solutions, ensuring you can easily focus on growing your reselling or distribution businesses.

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Trend-based Marketing Templates

Reach new markets with access to targeted marketing materials formulated by our responsive team based on the latest trends, helping build a more loyal audience.

Kick off your program quickly by adopting strong sales pitches, promotions and other strategies to elevate your brand’s appeal in your region.

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