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Wall-Mounted LFP Energy Storage Battery Pack

The residential LFP energy storage pack was independently designed and developed by BENY. Widely used in the energy storage field with on-grid inverters, off-grid inverters, and hybrid inverters.




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Wall-Mounted LFP Energy Storage Battery Pack

The residential LFP energy storage pack has the characteristics of safety and reliability, multiple protection of software and hardware, long service life, convenient capacity increase, simple installation, etc.

EVB Residential Energy Storage Solution

Perfectly compatible with EVB EV charger and photovoltaic protection products, to achieve a perfect household solar PV, energy storage, and charging integrated solution.

Our Energy Storages Are Ideal for


To safely balance the energy usage between your electric car chargers and other home appliances to make your car chargers in the most efficient way. DLB (Dynamic Load Balancing) is available in the BENY BCP series AC EV Charger for home use, when the EV charger is working with other household appliances at the same time, the DLB box can maintain the dynamic balance of the total household current and ensure the safety of electricity to avoid home over load.
Monitors the electrical system and in the event of a fault automatically disconnects all poles including the earth conductor. If the user uses an EV charger equipped with PEN protection, its internal design has a contactor to cut off the ground, once the PEN line is cut off, the contactor KM1 and KM2 are immediately and automatically disconnected, there is only a weak leakage current between CP and PE to L line, its current value is less than 1mA, which is the smallest perceived leakage current of the human body, people can disengage themselves, no safety risks.
BENY EV chargers can be controlled by a smart APP via WIFI or Bluetooth connection: 1.One to one binding EV charger by resetting the password, prevent the EV charger being stolen 2.View charging data and status 3.Set up various charging configurations, charging current, DLB mode, etc 4.Scheduled charging 5.Firmware update

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Smart BMS

Integrated smart BMS with self-balance for each serial of cells

A-Class Batteries

Top-ranked A-class automotive batteries

Safe and Green

The safest Lifepo4 Battery, no fire and no explosions


Un38.3, CE and other

Simple Installation

Easy installation, saving time and cost

Charge & Discharge Cycle

Suitable for long-term charge and discharge cycle

The Complete Set

Comprehensive After-Sales Support

EVB offers 5 years truly warranty to provide after-sale service and technology support, including resend new battery or replacement BMS.

Support Every Step of the Way

EVB provides training and marketing materials, fully assisting you in introducing EV charging options to your customers.


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Parameter list

Nominal energy /kWhNominal value2.665.22
Nominal voltage /VNominal value51.251.2
Nominal capacity/AhNominal value52102
Internal impedanceFresh cell≤20 mΩ≤20 mΩ
SizeL*W*H470 mm*340 mm*180 mm640 mm*410 mm*180 mm
Weight /kg/2844
Operating voltage /V/43.2 V ~ 58.4 V
Standard charging and discharging current/0.5C/0.5C
Maximum charging and discharging current/1C/1C0.5C/0.5C
Charging temperature /℃/0°C ~ 50°C
Discharging temperature /℃/-20°C ~ 50°C
Storage temperature/-10°C ~45°C (best 0°C ~35°C)
Recommended DOD/≤98%
Communication function/RS232/RS485/CAN
Protection class/IP54
Shipping SOC/30%~50%

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