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Become part of the Ecosystem

With 30 years of industry experience, we have studied the various ways EV charging impacts the environment. As fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources increase in price, we offer a sustainable path forward by encouraging the development of more electric vehicles with our advanced EV charging stations.

evB is your leading partner in promoting EV charging solutions for operators, auto dealers, and distributors. Being connected to various brands worldwide, we read the pulse of the global market to continually update our production and marketing to help you provide comprehensive EV charging services, whether as a value-added service or a primary enterprise.

Together with our network, you can make a major difference in the technological and transportation landscape.

Smart EV Charging & A Sustainable Energy Grid

A flexible cloud-based management system that offers balanced charging time and energy distribution. Charging point owners can access the cloud to comprehensively manage charging stations to start, stop and reboot remotely.

The adoption of smart charging leads to a more sustainable power grid that reduces the usage of energy and offers much convenience for business operations.

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More Than 150 Million Electric Miles

Being over 5,500 times more efficient than other charging sources, evBs have covered more than 150 million electric miles, providing widespread stable energy supply. Such a coverage guarantees more sustainable power for many parts of the world, supporting many communities with their charging and power supply.

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