The Evolution of Cannabis.

We started working in the Wild West of cannabis over six years ago. Back then, branding was a novel concept, the market was only semi-legal, and our clients paid us in bags of cash. This was the beginning of a movement that, today, is disrupting entire industries—from agriculture to wine & spirits to pharma to retail. We were the first general market agency to dedicate a practice to cannabis. Today we are the nation’s largest.

Over the next six years, a dedicated team within Evolution Bureau embraced every square inch of the industry. From cultivation to distribution to advocacy to regulation, we placed ourselves squarely at the center of cannabis culture.

Key Cannabis Family Shot

Cannabis is Fun.Cannabis is Hard.

Helping cannabis companies navigate the complexities of an intensely regulated and immature market forced us to expand our service offering. Some examples: Media channels and budgets are limited, so we offer an events space for new product launches. Hundreds of new products are introduced into a small retail channel, so we developed innovative packaging and retail activation services. Rules and regulations shift constantly, so we offer compliance consulting. Data is uneven, so we conduct our own category-specific research. The investment environment is volatile, so we offer investor consulting.

We helped reinvent this Colorado-based confections brand owned by Harvest House of Cannabis, creating branding, designing packaging and launching the product in multiple states.

The time-to-market for a new cannabis brand can be as long as a year. Our accelerated process has reduced that time to two to three months from scratch. For an agency called Evolution Bureau, this is our happy place.

Agency Services, Evolved

Evolution Bureau has launched over nine standout brands into the national cannabis market so far. We consult with many leading brands on their strategy, identity, new product innovation, compliance, retail presence, and investor stories. We now offer an equity fund that allows cash-constrained clients to buy our services. We’ve hosted over 50 cannabis events at our office, giving entrepreneurs, marketers, educators, budtenders, large brands, policy-makers, and authors a place to meet and help shape the future of the industry. And we own and operate a successful DTC-focused CBD brand called H.Hemp.

Our Roster

We are the largest full-service agency with a cannabis practice boasting over 25 top-tier local, nation and international clients, including the following brands.

The Work

Défoncé Chocolatier

Défoncé is elevating the cannabis market. We worked with this luxury brand to develop and refine its strategic positioning, design and branding, retail materials, trade marketing, website and other communications.


For this California-based on-demand cannabis delivery juggernaut, we crafted new messaging and developed an out-of-home billboard campaign that spoke to a new consumer to support the company’s Los Angeles launch.


For this budding Oakland-based cannabis brand, we developed a billboard campaign that broke category conventions by focusing on how cannabis connects us socially.

Keef Brands

Colorado-based Keef Brands is the largest canna beverage company in the world. We relaunched their products by designing a new brand system evolving their identity; re-organizing and renaming their expansive product line, and packaging the product to stand up and out.

Doc Green’s

Berkeley-based Doc Green’s is one of the oldest and most respected cannabis brands in the Bay Area. We worked with them to relaunch and modernize the brand with a new look, packaging, trade materials, and event installations.


We named, packaged and launched this “cannabis for the rest of us” brand from scratch to appeal to the mass consumer. The brands included everything from edibles to extracts.

The Future

Cannabis is growing. Globally, into new areas like pharmaceuticals, in data services, and across new legal markets in the US. The Bureau sees cannabis as a continued driver in the growth of our business. The success we’ve had in California and Colorado has given us a playbook to help new clients navigate the complexities of this dynamic industry.