Mob the Rainbow is an ongoing social media program for Skittles that mobilizes the brand’s 10 million passionate fans on Facebook to take action in the real world.

The first event, called “Valentine the Rainbow,” asks the Mob to send a Valentine to an unsuspecting parking enforcement officer who was deserving of some love. Over 45,000 people joined the Mob and elected to attend the event. Cards were delivered to the stunned meter maid on Valentine’s Day by a Skittles Mob “representative” dressed in a cupid costume and driving a Skittles van. Video captured at the event was then re-broadcast back to the audience through a “Mob the Rainbow” tab on the brand’s Facebook profile page.

The second mob, called “Poll the Rainbow” asked Skittles fans, now 5 million strong, to tell us what they wanted to see. We gave them 3 choices: 1) A Skittles Gifting Tree; 2) an Elevator Mariachi Band or 3) a Moon-Walking Tubesock. After a fierce 72-hour battle, consisting of over 46,000 votes, there was a clear winner. The agency had 24 hours to create a Skittles Gifting Tree. The EVB production team kicked into full gear for the weekend shoot. They found the perfect tree; filled it with packs of Skittles and waited. The people came and enjoyed the tree’s rainbow fruit. Again, the entire production was shot, edited and redistributed through the Skittles community on Facebook.

For the next Skittles mob, we went big and decided to send a deserving student to bowling college…seriously. For “Scholarship the Rainbow,” we told the mob that it would require 100,000 Likes to generate a $10,000 scholarship. Within a week, we had received 150,000 LIKEs and young James Fulp was on his way to receiving a giant check and a degree in the industry he loves.

In the six months following the launch of Mob the Rainbow, the Skittles fanbase has nearly tripled and is now above 10 million fans.