Smuin Ballet Print Advertising

Smuin, a progressive San Francisco ballet company, wanted to expand local interest during its 15th anniversary season. When most people think of the ballet they think of boring or stuffy. Smuin is anything but. Blending eclectic dance and music genres, its performances are simply indefinable.

Leveraging iconic imagery and artistic elements, we developed an innovative out-of-home and print campaign titled “Ballet But…,” to reinforce the fact that Smuin is ballet, but so much more. We photographed Smuin dancers in classical and contemporary poses, and then mashed-up the contrasting images that together represented the company’s integrated, contemporary approach. The out-of-home campaign included wild postings, mass transit advertising, and print advertisements that ran in newspapers throughout the Bay Area.

We enjoyed the opportunity to rebrand such a reputable San Francisco ballet company. And since we’re big proponents of the local arts, it meant a lot to help Smuin stand out among the sea of entertainment options in the city. It also wasn’t too bad hanging out with half-naked dancers all day either. Tough job. We know.