EV Charger Solution


  • Connection Mode
  • Parameters
  • Remote Control Charging
  • Working Mode
  • Firmware Upgrade adn Repair

Connection Mode

With an ESP32 Bluetooth module, we connect the APP and EV chargers for smoother control and quicker updating of the entire EV charger program.

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Fault Information
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Historical Record
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Convenient Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection;
Real-time status monitoring: charging current, voltage, power, temperature, etc.
History charging information of 20-day and 12-month records are available;
Reserve to start the charge for one day or a whole week when you’re away or asleep.


Plug-and-play and RFID charging for instant and easy operation;
Start and stop charging via App at your fingertip;
Optimal performance by firmware upgrading through APP;
Easily configure the OCPP charger to connect to the OCPP server.


Improve security by binding your charger to the App, renaming it and resetting the password;
Worry-free charging by enabling the grounding detection and emergency stop button;
Set max. charging current to ensure other equipment is in normal working status;
Set max. energy to protect the EV battery from over-charging. (Plug the connector out and replug it in to continue charging)


Different modes for varied user needs:
Pure PV mode: reduce the grid current or power and use the PV power at maximum;
Hybrid mode: allow power from the grid;
Full speed mode: no limit of the grid power and work at the max. current;
DLB box: set the current via DLB box only


Remote Control Charging

Take more control over your charging with our system to bring all your attention to your business. Our EV chargers can be controlled through a Z-Box application to ensure remote control charging, giving more flexibility to charging networks and other applications and saving energy costs.

Start and Stop Charging

Saving time, power, and costs, Z-box grants users more control over when charging takes place by choosing when to start or stop charging.

Time Setting Charging

Users can set an appointed time and degree for charging for optimal control and peace of mind as you focus on your important business operations.

Charging by kWh

Users can set the maximum kWh setting for a single charge, and it will stop charging after the charge reaches the maximum kWh.

Weekly appointment charging

Our EV chargers can be set to a specific starting and finishing time for the whole week, helping save on costs while ensuring control over the time for users to use your charging stations.

Working Mode

With Z Box, Users can configure your EV charging stations remotely to ensure EV chargers can function optimally, while also updating them without much hassle. Along with setting the required amount of charge to a strong maximum, we provide switches for ground detection, RFID and emergency stop.

Maximum current setting

By entering a maximum current setting, you can set the required amount whenever you are offline, ensuring more stable operations in your network.

RFID Switch

RFID switch can control the RFID on/off. When it is on users can use RFID, while off can not use RFID

Ground Detection Switch

Turn on grounding detection and the charger will alarm if there's no ground connection; turn off grounding detection and the charger will not alarm even there's no ground connection.

Emergency Stop Push Button Switch

For any emergencies or hazards, users can activate the emergency stop from our Z Box to protect your EV charging stations and your premises from damages, maintaining safety.

DLB Switch

Normal DLB

Dynamic load balancing can be achieved via a smart system, ensuring more efficient usage of power.

Extreme Mode

As the household power consumption increases, the EV charger will automatically reduce the operating current until it stops charging to avoid overloading.

Solar DLB

PV DLB enables priority use of PV power, overcharging and reduction of utility power usage.

Firmware Upgrade and Fix


Firmware Upgrade

Upgrade your charging station firmware via the upgrade button found in the Z-box app settings. A remote upgrade can be set automatically, ensuring a more responsive firmware at every turn without spending more.

Firmware Fix

You can just remotely repair faulty firmware by connecting with Bluetooth or scanning the QR code to activate the repair tool. With flexible software solutions comes more savings on your end and more peace of mind as you can focus on your business operations while repairs are underway.

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